Canadian Managers Magazine / Fall 2023 - Issue 4, Vol. 47 / Article 2

Meet Our Team - Tracy Ott, C.I.M., C.Mgr.

As a distinguished national organization, our Board Members hail from various regions across Canada. We are pleased to introduce an individual who epitomizes the spirit of the Maritimes, hailing from Canada’s esteemed Ocean Playground.

Tracy Ott, C.I.M., C.Mgr., a native of Nova Scotia, has always been deeply appreciative of the coastal lifestyle, from its pristine beaches to its delectable seafood. True to the Maritimer ethos, Tracy is committed to the service and upliftment of others. Alongside her husband, Steven, Tracy’s journey has been marked by both challenges and triumphs. Their decade-long sojourn in Calgary and the nurturing of a child with special needs are a testament to their resilience. Regardless of the challenges faced, Tracy and Steven have always navigated their path with determination.

By Tracy Ott, C.Mgr. | Chartered Managers Canada



A significant turning point occurred in the early 2000s when Tracy was struck by a drunk driver. Subsequently, she transitioned to being a full-time homemaker, seamlessly adopting the role of the primary orchestrator of her family’s daily activities. Her unwavering commitment was evident as she ferried her children to various engagements ranging from sports to educational commitments and medical appointments.

Tracy’s personal experiences illuminated many of the challenges that countless Canadians face: from transportation difficulties to accessing essential services and grappling with the rising cost of living. These insights drove her to pursue studies in accounting, and she subsequently rose to become the President of the NSCC Student Body. Tracy’s academic endeavours didn’t stop there; she proceeded to obtain her insurance license and achieved the Chartered Manager (C.Mgr.) Designation.

Upon her esteemed appointment to the National Board of Directors, Tracy’s contributions have been manifold. Currently, she helms the Marketing Committee as its Chair. Yet, one of her most significant contributions remains her instrumental role in the publication of the DEI Principal Framework. Her deep understanding of the daily challenges faced by individuals with disabilities has positioned her as an authority in the domain.

For those keen on integrating DEI more effectively into their businesses, we invite you to explore our publications or engage with Tracy for an insightful conversation.

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