Obtain your Certified Manager (CM) Designation from the Institute of Certified Professional Managers

Already a C.Mgr. in Canada?  Obtain your CM designation in the United States!

CIM | Chartered Managers Canada and the Institute of Certified Professional Managers have signed a reciprocity agreement for the mutual recognition of their C.Mgr. and CM designations

With over 14,000 managers and leaders certified worldwide, the Institute of Certified Professional Managers is the largest management certifying body in the United States, doing business globally. Both managers and employers benefit from the CM certification which is recognized internationally as a valid indicator of managerial competency and leadership potential.

The Certified Manager (CM®) certification is a professional credentialing program that verifies an individual's ability to manage and potential to lead with a level of competency.  Successful applicants earn the privilege to use the “CM” professional credential as a sign of their competency.

To obtain and maintain your CM designation, you must maintain your C.Mgr. designation with CIM | Chartered Managers Canada.

To obtain your CM designation, please contact Arlene Atkinson at arlene.education@cim.ca, your C.Mgr. registration will be verified and application will be forwarded to the ICPM for processing.

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