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Chartered Manager Partnership with the
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Already a C.Mgr. in Canada?  Obtain your CMgr designation in the United Kingdom!

CIM | Chartered Managers Canada announces international reciprocity with the UK Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

CIM | Chartered Managers Canada has reached an exciting new milestone in international reciprocity.  Holders of our Chartered Manager (C.Mgr.) designation can now obtain the CMI’s Chartered Manager (CMgr) designation through reciprocity.  Conversely, all CMI Chartered Managers can obtain the Canadian equivalent.  In order to obtain these designations, applicants simply need to provide evidence of chartered status and join the respective institute as a member. They must also adhere to its local professional requirements and continuing professional development commitments.

Why does the UK Chartered Management Institute promote the Chartered Manager designation? 

Thousands of UK managers at all levels and across all sectors now hold a Chartered Manager designation and highly value it. In a recent report, the CMI polled over 500 Chartered Managers and found that Chartered Managers reported that becoming Chartered has made them significantly better managers and fast tracked their career growth. They also reported that they’ve become notably confident leaders, and that it’s also made a big impact on the results they deliver. The CMI strongly believes that all managers should view the Chartered status as being essential to their career development and progress, and we at CIM | Chartered Managers Canada are inclined to agree.  (click here for more information).

How CIM | Chartered Managers Canada & the Chartered Management Institute's Values Align

CIM’s reciprocity agreement with CMI is supported by a strong foundation in shared values. Both of our organizations strive to educate, empower and recognize managers within our respective countries through educational partnerships, professional development and professional designations. We both strive to lift our members to the pinnacle of management excellence. In order to do that, both CIM | Chartered Managers Canada and the Chartered Management Institute recognize that the field of management is always developing and changing with the global business environment. That is why we value a commitment to continuing professional development in our designation holders and strive to provide opportunities for our members to develop their skills whenever possible.

Be Recognized as a True Business Leader in Canada, the UK and Worldwide

CIM | Chartered Managers Canada’s reciprocity agreement with the Chartered Management Institute in the UK is part of an ongoing initiative to help Canadian managers go global. The only designations that are more recognized in other countries than our Chartered Manager (C.Mgr.) designation are equivalent designations from within those countries.

Chartered Managers in Canada and the UK are among the most confident and competent business leaders in the world. Managers who hold both designations garner even more recognition worldwide. If you are a Canadian manager who holds a C.Mgr designation, or a manager from the UK who holds a CMgr designation, then set yourself apart in the world of international business management by adding another Chartered Manager designation to your name. See the requirements for each designation below for details and take advantage of the CIM & CMI reciprocity agreement today!

CMgr - UK Chartered Manager (Canadian Institute of Management applicants)

To apply for the CMgr designation with the CMI, you will need to complete or provide the following:

To begin your CMgr application, please contact the CMI Chartered Manager team at 

For more information regarding CMI's membership fees, click here
If you require assistance with your online CMI Chartered Manager application, please contact

C.Mgr. - Canada's Chartered Manager (Chartered Management Institute applicants)

Chartered Manager is the internationally recognized designation in management and leadership. A Chartered Manager has developed various competencies in leadership, strategy, finance, accounting, management operations and organizational analysis. The designation brings together rigorous business education with professional-level experience, setting you apart to contribute to Canada’s economic success.

To apply for the C.Mgr. designation with CIM | Chartered Managers Canada, you will need to complete or provide the following:

For information on the Chartered Manager Competency Framework, please click here.

For assistance or questions about your C.Mgr. application, please contact



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