April 16, 2024 - News


Renew your 2024/2025 Membership

Renew Your Membership to Maintain Your Designation & Benefits

This is a reminder that your CIM | Chartered Managers Canada membership is up for renewal by June 1, 2024. Be sure to renew your membership and pay your membership fees for 2024/2025 to maintain your professional C.I.M. or C.Mgr. designation, and to participate in chapter and national events, utilize member benefit and discount programs, enroll in professional development offerings and access our library of management resources through ManagementDirect.

If you're ready to renew your membership, you can also log in to your account at cim.ca/members-only and renew your membership easily online. Your 2024/2025 Membership renewal is due June 1, 2024. Thank you!

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