Supervisory Management Program

Certificate in Supervisory Management (CSM) Program

A four-course certificate designed for individuals who have not yet formally studied management.

Mandatory Courses

Introduction to Management

Managerial Communications

Organizational Behaviour or Human Resources Management

Optional Course

One of the following courses is required to complete this certificate program: Canadian Business Law, Managerial Accounting, Managerial Marketing, Economics, Project Management, Operational Management.

NOTE:  Other courses may be acceptable as options.

Course Delivery Options:

Courses from Other Institutions
You may apply for academic credits from other institutions as equivalents to some of the 4 study courses.

Exams and Evaluation
A final examination is to be written for each course. Students are required to obtain a suitable proctor to invigilate the examination. The proctor will ensure that examination requirements are met. The course tutor must approve the choice of proctor. Possible proctors can be attorneys, teachers, chartered accountants, professional engineers, or other professionals.

Candidates can work within their own time frame. A duration of 6 months is given to complete each course. There can, however, be no more than a five-year break between courses.


$645 per course (includes applicable taxes and annual Institute membership)

All subsequent course registrations within a membership year will be discounted at $545

Fees vary if the courses are taken through partner colleges and universities.  The cost of textbooks is not included in the fees.

Available Courses

Contact the CIM Head Office to obtain more information.

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