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What is the CIM Accreditation? 

Accreditation serves two fundamental goals: to ensure quality assurance of programs and to advance continuous improvement. In serving these goals sound accreditation is principled upon assurances about a programs’ conformity to discernible standards in higher education. 

Accredited business programs demonstrate a high level of competency in business education and directly embody the standards of business and management that graduates of these accredited programs gain. Students of CIM accredited programs will demonstrate readiness to start a rewarding career as managers or business leaders in a wide range of related disciplines. 

National Accreditation Brochure

Download Accreditation Brochure

National Accreditation Application
(Fillable form)

Download National Accreditation Fillable Application
National Accreditation Application (Word format)

National Accreditation Framework

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How to obtain CIM Accreditation?

To obtain CIM Accredidation, you can conveniently fill out our application form, or alternatively download our fillable PDF form, and return your completed application by mail, fax, or email to the address indicated on the form.

The accreditation assessment is based on two components: 

Accreditation Criteria Rating 

The effectiveness of the program as assessed and measured against the following 14 accreditation criteria: 
  1. Contact or credit hours 
  2. Maximum time allowable
  3. Program vetting/peer review 
  4. Program plan
  5. Evaluation methodologies 
  6. Learning objectives
  7. Evaluation schedule 
  8. Success drivers
  9. Admission requirements 
  10. Graduation requirements 
  11. Grade reporting 
  12. Passing requirements 
  13. Instructional credentials 
  14. Number of instructors 

Management Competency Mapping 

The ability of the program to deliver outcomes as assessed and measured against the 4 learning competencies required for the Chartered Manager professional designation: 

  1. General management knowledge, skills and abilities 
  2. Financial management knowledge, skills and abilities 
  3. Communicative knowledge, skills and abilities 
  4. Applied managerial knowledge, skills and abilities 

Contact the CIM Head Office to obtain more information.

*Assessment may take between 4-8 weeks.

The assessment is conducted by the Academic Dean who provides a recommendation to the National Vice President of Education regarding an accredited status after a thorough review of the application and all accompanying documents. The National Vice President will provide notice of accreditation.

Accreditation may be withheld and granted “pending status” if improvements are needed as determined by the accreditation assessment process. 

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