C.I.M. - Certified in Management

For Graduates of the Chartered Management Program (CMP) or Equivalent

Registrants that hold the Certified in Management designation have developed various competencies in leadership, strategy, finance, accounting, management operations and organizational analysis.

This entry-level designation brings together rigorous business education with aptitude in management, setting you apart to contribute to Canada’s economic success.

How to obtain the C.I.M. designation?

  1. Complete the Chartered Management Program (CMP), or equivalent,
  2. Acquire 24 months of professional-level management experience
  3. Submit an application
  4. Submit two letters of reference
  5. Submit a current resume within six (6) years of completing the CMP, or equivalent

Click here for Designation Application form

Click here for and overview of the Chartered Management Program (CMP)

Persons holding the C.I.M. designation are required to maintain their membership in good standing with the Institute.

For more information, contact the Head Office

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