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Chapter Overview

CIM's Southern Alberta Chapter is perfectly representative of the vital spirit of the West within the association. Along with the Northern Alberta Chapter, Southern Alberta provides us with a strong presence in Alberta. Southern Alberta has given CIM | Chartered Managers Canada a long list of National Presidents, Directors and Western Regional representation. Among its other contributions, this Chapter has also hosted the 1988 and 2012 Conferences. Calgary was granted a charter in 1974, and currently has 107 active members. The Chapter is managed by a Board of five Directors, and offers dinner meetings, virtual webinars and other networking events to bring their membership together to discuss what is new in the world of management.

CIM | Chartered Managers Canada Southern Alberta Chapter Education Partnerships

CIM | Chartered Managers Canada values education that empowers students to develop their skills and grow into confident and competent managers and business leaders. The Southern Alberta chapter in Calgary has specifically partnered with a number of post-secondary institutions in and around the city of Calgary to ensure that they offer programs that meet the requirements of the Chartered Manager Program (CMP) so students can become eligible for our management designations upon completing their program. If you are looking at post-secondary programs in the Calgary area to advance your career in management, consider these programs to help you obtain our C.I.M. and C.Mgr. designations.

Events at CIM | Chartered Managers Canada's Southern Alberta Chapter

The Southern Alberta chapter of CIM | Chartered Managers Canada hosts various events year-round to bring chapter members together to network, develop their professional management skills, and discuss new developments in management & leadership. Some of the events the Southern Alberta chapter has recently hosted include:

Speaker Event: Professional Development Session

Debbie Mastel, an award-winning recruiter based in Calgary presented a 60 minute speech entitled “Be Project Manager of Your Job Search”. Members of the Southern and Northern Alberta chapters came together to learn ways that they can optimize their job search process which led to members improving their success rate in landing job interviews and amazing management job opportunities.

LinkedIn Success Webinar

This webinar was hosted by the Southern Alberta chapter and run by Sue Meyer. It focused on how managers can leverage LinkedIn in many areas of a business. With a focus on business development, and brand management, recruiting and more, this webinar helped CIM members learn ways to incorporate social media into their processes to improve their businesses.

Southern Alberta Annual General Meeting

Members of the Southern Alberta chapter come together once a year for their local Annual General Meeting. Chapter members come to discuss their vision for the chapter, new developments in management and leadership, and the chapter committee begins to plan events and opportunities for the coming year.

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Contact Information

Southern Alberta Chapter
1945 Cottonwood Cres SE
Calgary, AB T2B 1P5
Phone: [1] 705-725-8926
Fax: [1] 705-725-8196
E-mail: cimsouthalberta@gmail.com

Chapter Committee Members

Chapter Chair
Rick Jolie, C.I.M., C.Mgr.
Email: rljolie@telus.net
or cimsouthalberta@gmail.com
Chapter Secretary
Robert Forget, C.Mgr.
Mobile: (403) 470-9009
Email: 4gofdm@gmail.com

Chapter Vice Chair
Susan Meyer, C.I.M., C.Mgr. 
Email: suemeyer@telus.net

Marketing & Communications Chair
James Dyck, C.I.M.
Email: dj2dalake@shaw.ca
Past Chapter Chair
Valerie Gundersen


Chapter Mail
Please mail to


Canadian Institute of Management
Southern Alberta Chapter
1945 Cottonwood Cres SE
Calgary, AB T2B 1P5


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