Correspondence Program



Course may be started at any time in the year Price ($645.00) per course includes taxes. Also included is membership in the Canadian Institute of Management for the Institute’s membership year, June 1st to May 31st. If you take a second course within the membership year, you are not assessed a second membership fee and the price of the second course is $545.00. For a description of our courses - click here

The request for refund of Distance Education fees must be received in writing within five weeks of payment or prior to completion of Assignment #3.  An administrative fee of $50.00 per course will be deducted from refunds for distance education courses. Taxes and membership fees will not be reimbursed.

The CIM membership fees portion included in course fees is non-refundable and membership in the Institute continues for the remainder of the membership year. Please contact the National Office to discuss if you have any questions.

This program is open to all candidates who are aspiring to managerial positions.

The experience of both colleges and universities in Canada is that an acceptable facility in English language skills is important, and as such, all CIM courses are presently delivered in English, including all readings and/or assignments.All applicants must be proficient in both oral and written language skills in English enabling them to complete assignments that are considered acceptable in the university, community college and/or business community. Students whose first language is not English should be aware of these requirements prior to applying for the program(s)

Course Duration and Examinations
A final examination is to be written for each course. Students are required to obtain a suitable proctor to invigilate the examination. The proctor will ensure that examination requirements are met. The course tutor must approve the choice of proctor. Possible proctors can be attorneys, teachers, chartered accountants, police officers, bank managers, or other professionals.
Candidates can work within their own time frame. A duration of 6 months is given to complete each course. There can, however, be no more than a five-year break between courses.

Registration and Administration Information
CIM Distance Learning Programs are available year round. Therefore, a student may begin a new course when most convenient for his/her schedule.  You download our Distance Education Registration form  here  (Word Document) or here (PDF).

Course fee includes membership to CIM.

For further information, please contact:
Your local branch
Tel: 705-725-8926 
Fax: 705-725-8196